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Vivian Ho (何博欣)

Painter. Illustrator.

Born in the 90s and bred in Hong Kong, and a graduate of Wesleyan University, Vivian Ho is an emerging artist who is fast-gaining attention in Hong Kong. Her growing body of work has shown a particular appetite for magnifying everyday moments and injecting them vivid surreal impressions to challenge the convention definition of beauty. Vivian’s practice consists of figurative oil paintings, pastel and indian ink on paper, as well as mixed media works. Her works capture and re-invent insignificant regular life moments of Hong Kong to invite additional sensual dimensions.

She has held multiple solo and group shows in the United States, Italy, Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong. Many of her works are held in private collections around the globe. Her latest Solo Exhibition “We Could Start Over” at Artify Gallery Hong Kong has been extremely well-received. Camilla Hewitson, the director of Affordable Art Fair HK 2014, named Vivian as one of the top 5 young artist to watch.

While experimenting with a wide range of materials, Vivian has been actively collaborating with different brands and medias, including TVB, Nike, Origins, HKIFF, HKREP, Obscura, HSBC and NowTV.

Currently, she is working on upcoming solo exhibitions and a public art installation commission by Hong Kong MTR Corporation.


Upcoming Solo
Solo Drawing Exhibition, Artify, Hong Kong, May 2016 (Title TBC)
Solo Painting Exhibition, Art Beatus, Hong Kong, September 2016 (Title TBC)

“We Could Start Over”, Artify Gallery, Hong Kong, December 2013
“Fresh to Death”, PubArt Gallery, Hong Kong, April 2013
“Animal Farm – based on a true story”, 100ft. Park, Hong Kong December 2012
“The 22nd Year of My Daydreams”, á ce soír bar and cafe, Hong Kong
“Gutted” Oil Painting Exhibition, Twodogs Backyard, Hong kong, Sept 2012
“Of Delicacy and Horror”, Zilkha Gallery, Wesleyan University, April 2012

Singapore Contemporary Art Show, Singapore, January 2016
“Reverie”, Artify Gallery, Hong Kong, May 2015
Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong, Hong Kong, May 2015
Private Auction for Operation Smile China, Cat Street Gallery, Hong Kong, May 2014
Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong, Hong Kong, March 2014
“Those Shores” Five Local Artists, Rossi & Rossi Gallery, Hong Kong, December 2013
“Where is the Wet Market?” Group Show, Red Elation Gallery, Hong Kong, August 2013
Hong Kong Contemporary Budget Art Fair, Hong Kong, September 2013
Art in Asia Art Fair, COEX Centre, Seoul, December 2013
Bank Art Fair, Hong Kong, May 2013
Hong Kong Contemporary Art Fair, Hong Kong, May 2013
“SURGE” Affordable Art Fair, Beijing, April 2013
“SURGE” Affordable Art Fair, Shanghai, October 2013
Senior Thesis Group Exhibition, Zilkha Gallery, Wesleyan University, May 2012
“Be the Art 2012” Student of Color Art Exhibition, Zilkha Gallery, Wesleyan University, March 2012
Annual Art Show, Tyler School of Art, Rome, Italy, April 2011
“Wi-Fi Art: Triangolo Degli Artisti”, Circolo degli Artisti, Rome, Italy, March 2011


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